Sunmaxx PVT announces strategic partnership with B+ INGENIEUR Gesellschaft mbH

Dresden, 6 February 2024: Sunmaxx PVT GmbH, an innovative manufacturer and developer of photovoltaic-thermal solar modules (PVT), announces a further partnership B+ INGENIEUR Gesellschaft mbH. B+ Ingenieure is a leading engineering company in the area of energy distribution and generation. The partnership will enable Sunmaxx PVT to expand their market presence and customer base in Germany and beyond.

B+ has 26 years of experience in the energy sector and offers engineering services and solutions for a variety of projects and applications. As part of this partnership, B+ has already purchased several hundred kW of PVT modules from Sunmaxx in order to realize its first projects.

Sunmaxx PVT modules combine solar and automotive expertise for a globally unique, sector-coupling technology. They enable a climate-neutral and cost-efficient energy supply for many applications, from industrial facilities to residential buildings. With the heat exchanger technology developed by Sunmaxx, the modules produce heat as well as electricity from the sun’s energy with maximum performance and yield.

Franz Ziering, CSO of Sunmaxx PVT, commented on the new partnership: “We are very pleased about the cooperation with B+ INGENIEUR Gesellschaft mbH, a renowned and experienced engineering firm in the energy sector. This partnership helps us to reach new clients, especially in northern Germany, and to drive the energy transition forward together.”
Engineer Erwin Behrends, founder and CEO of B+ INGENIEUR Gesellschaft mbH, adds: “We are impressed by the innovation and the quality of Sunmaxx‘s PVT modules, which offer a unique and especially efficient solution for energy generation. We are pleased to be a partner of Sunmaxx PVT in Germany and believe that this partnership creates value for both sides, as well as progress towards the achievement of climate targets. We are confident that Sunmaxx PVT modules will meet the energy needs and sustainability goals of our customers.”


About Sunmaxx PVT
Sunmaxx PVT GmbH is an innovative manufacturer and developer of photovoltaic-thermal solar modules (PVT). The cleantech producer combines solar and automotive expertise in their globally unique technology for sector coupling— and with this, will revolutionize the electricity and heat market. The company follows the vision of completely climate-neutral residential, office, and industrial buildings. Especially in combination with brine heat pumps from established manufacturers, there is enormous potential for a fossil-free heat supply. The PVT systems of the company, which has been active in Dresden since 2021, are not only suitable for mass production but are also attractively priced, meaning that economic solutions for complete decarbonization in the heating sector can be realized. In addition to providing heat, Sunmaxx PVT modules can also be used very effectively for passive cooling of buildings.

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