Sunmaxx PVT receives “Solar Keymark” certificate

Dresden, 05.03.2023: Sunmaxx PVT, an innovative manufacturer and developer of photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) solar modules, has been awarded the “Solar Keymark” certification for its innovative PVT modules. This certification validates adherence to rigorous industry standards in solar technology, offering customers assurance of verified electrical and thermal efficiency. This milestone underlines the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable, sustainable solar technology.

Solar Keymark Guarantees Performance
Solar Keymark is a European certification for solar thermal products that guarantees that the products meet strict industry standards and have successfully passed extensive climate tests. In addition to the highest performance and energy efficiency, Sunmaxx PVT modules are reliable, have quality assurance, and are seamless to install. The certification means that customers can achieve optimum energy yields from their solar systems with Sunmaxx PVT modules. “We are delighted with the successful ‘Solar Keymark’ certification. This achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering world-class PVT modules that meet the high standards of the solar industry,” says Dr. Wilhelm Stein, CEO of Sunmaxx PVT.

Proof of Optimal Solar Solutions
To prove the solar modules’ efficiency, reliability, and durability, they underwent extensive weathering tests on outdoor test stands and in climate chambers. Dr. Jiri Springer, CTO of Sunmaxx PVT, also expressed his satisfaction at receiving the quality label: “This certificate is proof of the high level of expertise of our development and production team in manufacturing first-class solar solutions.” The “Solar Keymark” certification also underlines the company’s innovative strength in developing clean, renewable energy solutions. “We are proud to contribute to the energy transition and look forward to continuing to play a pioneering role in the solar energy industry through constant innovation,” says Springer.

About Sunmaxx PVT
Sunmaxx PVT GmbH is an innovative manufacturer and developer of photovoltaic-thermal solar modules (PVT). The cleantech producer combines solar and automotive expertise in their globally unique technology for sector coupling— and with this, will revolutionize the electricity and heat market. The company follows the vision of completely climate-neutral residential, office, and industrial buildings. Especially in combination with brine heat pumps from established manufacturers, there is enormous potential for a fossil-free heat supply. The PVT systems of the company, which has been active in Dresden since 2021, are not only suitable for mass production but are also attractively priced, meaning that economic solutions for complete decarbonization in the heating sector can be realized. In addition to providing heat, Sunmaxx PVT modules can also be used very effectively for passive cooling of buildings.

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