Cooperation with Hanebutt

Sunmaxx PVT and Hanebutt Group Form Partnership to Accelerate the Scaling of PVT Systems in Germany

Dresden, November 22, 2023 – Sunmaxx PVT, the leading developer and manufacturer of photovoltaic-thermal solar modules (PVT), and the Hanebutt Group from Lower Saxony have announced a new partnership. The cooperation will aim to accelerate the scaling of PVT system installations in Germany and in turn, accelerate the decarbonization of private and commercial buildings in the country.

Hanebutt and SW-Dach, part of the Hanebutt Group, will begin to realize projects with Sunmaxx modules at their main locations, including Hanover, Berlin, Hamburg, Herbolzheim, and Relzow. The Hanebutt Group, comprising 580 team members distributed across these locations, will soon be ready to install Sunmaxx’s PVT systems. By combining conventional photovoltaics with solar thermal technology, Sunmaxx PVT modules simultaneously provide electricity and heat. Coupled with heat pumps, they enable a rapid and complete decarbonization of the energy supply in buildings in both the private and industrial sectors. Additionally, they boast an independently confirmed efficiency rating of 80 percent significantly outperforming their competitors.

“We are pleased to be part of the Sunmaxx partner network. Thanks to Sunmaxx’s innovative technology, we can offer our customers new opportunities to become independent in their electricity and heat supply. Sunmaxx PVT modules demonstrate the highest reliability and efficiency, enabling us to better meet the rapidly increasing demand for renewable heating solutions. This is especially valuable in times of uncertain gas price developments,” says Henning Hanebutt, master roofer and third-generation managing director. “Thanks to the products and support from Sunmaxx, we can offer our customers first-class service and quick access to cost-effective and sustainable energy and heat.”

Franz Ziering, CSO at Sunmaxx, on the partnership with Hanebutt Group: “We are excited to have convinced the Hanebutt Group of the benefits of our technology. Together, we will build exciting projects throughout Germany and advance the expansion of PVT installations and sustainable energy. Their long-standing experience and expertise will be invaluable.”

The specialized partner network of Sunmaxx offers a comprehensive range of services. Sunmaxx produces PVT modules and actively supports its partners in system design. Partners like Hanebutt take care of the management, consultation, and execution of PVT projects for industrial and end customers, to ensure the high-quality implementation of sustainable energy concepts.

With the partnership, Hanebutt becomes an important and active member of the nationwide partner network of Sunmaxx. As a pioneer in the field of photovoltaic-thermal solar modules (PVT), Sunmaxx is consistently expanding its sales and partner network. Network partners benefit from a comprehensive range of services and the support of Sunmaxx in system design.


About Sunmaxx PVT

Sunmaxx PVT GmbH is an innovative manufacturer and developer of photovoltaic-thermal solar modules (PVT). The cleantech producer combines solar and automotive expertise in their globally unique technology for sector coupling— and with this, will revolutionize the electricity and heat market. The company follows the vision of completely climate-neutral residential, office, and industrial buildings. Especially in combination with brine heat pumps from established manufacturers, there is enormous potential for a fossil-free heat supply. The PVT systems of the company, which has been active in Dresden since 2021, are not only suitable for mass production but are also attractively priced, meaning that economic solutions for complete decarbonization in the heating sector can be realized. In addition to providing heat, Sunmaxx PVT modules can also be used very effectively for passive cooling of buildings.

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