Sunmaxx supplies green heat and electricity for major municipal project in Echterdingen in Baden-Württemberg

Dresden, 30 May 2024 – Europe’s leading PVT manufacturer Sunmaxx is supplying PVT modules for a municipal project with cold local heating in Echterdingen, Baden-Württemberg. goodmen energy GmbH, a planning company for renewable energy systems, planned the project and managed the tendering process. The first PVT rooftop system with 156 Sunmaxx PX1 modules will be installed as early as June 2024. Sunmaxx cooperation partner Wagner Solar is supplying the modules, piping and substructure to ZEG, which will commission the project on behalf of Stadtwerke Leinfelden-Echterdingen.

The Sunmaxx PVT module differs from other conventional solar thermal technologies in the way it works. The temperature level of conventional solar thermal typically ranges from 50-60°C and the technology is used as a direct heat source, especially to support natural gas heating. In contrast, the Sunmaxx PVT module supplies so-called low-temperature heat at approx. 20-30°C. Sunmaxx’s PX-1 modules are the most efficient on the market with an overall efficiency of 80%. The project involves the Zehntscheuer, a medieval building which is part of Echterdingen’s historic city center. The building was first mentioned in documents as early as 1356. After being reconstructed for the second time in October 1996, the building now serves as a meeting place for numerous events and activities.

Franz Ziering, Chief Sales Officer of Sunmaxx PVT GmbH: “With the Zentscheuer project, Echterdingen is clearly taking on a pioneering role in the planning of future local heating networks. The use of photovoltaic-thermal hybrid modules can accelerate decarbonization in the building sector many times over. Local heating networks in particular will benefit from this.”

Andreas Kaiser, authorized signatory and project manager for heating networks, wastewater and industry at goodmen energy, also expressed his satisfaction with the joint project: “The planning of the plant is a milestone in the municipal heating transition and shows the enormous potential that the combination of PV and solar thermal energy brings with it. We are confident that we will implement further projects of this scale in the future and look forward to implementing the lighthouse project with Sunmaxx as members of NETZ-WERK REGENERATIV.”

About the Sunmaxx specialist partner network
Wagner Solar is a system provider and wholesaler for photovoltaics and solar thermal energy as well as a manufacturer of mounting systems.

The planning and engineering team at goodmen energy specializes in the planning and implementation of heating and cooling solutions from renewable sources. The joint collaboration with Sunmaxx as a PVT manufacturer results in a forward-looking synergy for the sustainable decarbonization of the building sector.

The Sunmaxx network of specialist partners covers all services related to PVT. As a manufacturer, Sunmaxx produces and supplies the hybrid modules and provides support in designing the systems. Specialist planners such as goodmen energy provide advice and coordinate the implementation – in this case in a commercial or municipal environment. Sunmaxx also has a broad network of partner companies that specialize in PVT solutions in the private segment.

About Sunmaxx PVT
Sunmaxx PVT GmbH specializes in the production of photovoltaic-thermal hybrid modules. So-called PVT modules produce electricity and heat at the same time; they achieve an efficiency of 80 percent, while conventional PV modules only achieve 20 percent. With this technology, Sunmaxx enables the complete decarbonization of industrial, commercial and private buildings and thus makes a valuable contribution to the energy transition.

PVT hybrid technology enables customers of Sunmaxx PVT GmbH to switch completely to an emission-free energy and heating solution. Especially in combination with heat pumps, the company’s PVT modules offer an efficient heat supply and passive cooling without the use of fossil fuels – regardless of whether it is a single-family home, commercial, industrial or municipal energy supply.

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