MAHLE as a cooperation partner and strategic investor

Start-up for photovoltaic-thermal systems wins MAHLE as a cooperation partner and strategic investor.

  • Photovoltaic thermal (PVT) systems use solar energy to generate both electricity and heat.
  • Sunmaxx integrates automotive thermal management know-how from MAHLE into its PVT systems and increases their efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • MAHLE is a well-known automotive industry supplier as well as a leading international high-tech company.

Dresden, April 26, 2022: Today, the cleantech start-up Sunmaxx PVT GmbH announces its cooperation with the automotive supplier MAHLE. Sunmaxx develops innovative photovoltaic-thermal systems. These systems use solar energy to generate both electricity and heat. With MAHLE, the start-up has gained a well-known partner from the automotive industry. Sunmaxx integrates highly developed thermal management solutions from MAHLE to make its PVT systems even more efficient and suitable for mass production.
With Sunmaxx, its founder and managing director Dr. Wilhelm Stein aims to drive forward the urgently needed transition towards renewable energy and heat.

“Energy efficiency is the order of the day. With an overall efficiency of over 80%, we maximize the use of solar radiation. This is particularly important in applications where space is limited. We are convinced that our PVT modules will play a key role in decarbonizing our society.”

Pure PV modules only use a limited proportion of the radiated solar energy, the majority is lost as waste heat. In the hybrid PVT modules from Sunmaxx, on the other hand, this heat is harnessed and dissipated.

Not only does this improve the yield of the PV cells, the heat is also fed into the heating circuit. Especially in connection with heat pumps, this represents a highly attractive system for the heat supply of the future: For single and multi-family houses, office buildings, industrial and commercial plants and for entire cold local heating networks.

With the integration of thermal management solutions from MAHLE, the PVT modules from Sunmaxx are now backed by the proven know-how of an experienced development partner in the automotive industry.

“This is a mature and economical technology that meets the high standards of the automotive industry and is fully compatible with mass production. The combination of solar and automotive know-how opens up completely new potential for the further development of highly innovative solar systems,” says Dr. Stein, who can look back on almost two decades of management experience in the solar sector.

With the funds, Sunmaxx aims to accelerate product development, expand sales channels and prepare for production launch.

“With the strategic investment in Sunmaxx, we are opening up a new business area for MAHLE in the market for renewable energies,” said Jumana Al-Sibai, member of the management board and responsible for the thermal management division at MAHLE.

“We look forward to working with Sunmaxx, because we can contribute our well-founded and market-proven expertise in thermal management to an important product outside the automotive industry.”

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