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We decarbonize your electricity and heat demand.


*Please note that this webinar will be held only in German.

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Ready to create a renewable future - for everyone.

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Net Zero Across Sectors

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We enable a climate neutral and cost-efficient energy supply for all kind of industries, allowing your business to reduce costs and meet sustainability targets.

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Sunmaxx's scalable technology enables local heating grids in combination with heat pumps and seasonal storage systems. It is simplifying and accelerating large scale decarbonization projects.

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Our proven technology and quick installation make green energy easy at every step. We work with experienced installers who bring the technology to you.

What Drives Us?

At Sunmaxx, our goal is to make a clean heat and energy supply feasible for every project, from industrial facilities to city districts. With a scalable, affordable, and efficient solution and a highly knowledgeable team, we are prepared to help you reach net zero with ease.

Our Technological Difference

Maximum Efficiency

In a single package, Sunmaxx PVT systems generate both electricity and heat from sustainable solar energy with maximum power and yield.

Cross-Sector Insight

Our module uses proven technology from the automotive industry to maximize solar efficiency and minimize costs.

Interested in decarbonizing your company, city or community? Secure your project today and contact us.


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