Maximum use of sunlight and strongest performance with over 80 percent solar efficiency.

What is PVT?

PVT is a powerful symbiosis of electricity generation and heat generation. In other words: PVT solar modules on your roof contribute to both electricity and heat supply and are therefore a powerful combination for an almost self-sufficient energy system at home and for sector coupling in the entire energy sector – from trade and industry to modern district heating systems in entire urban areas.

Maximum energy from the sun

Today there are two different systems for using solar energy. Photovoltaic modules convert solar energy into electricity and solar collectors convert solar radiation into heat. PVT modules can do both, in a single product.

As a result, the solar energy radiated onto a roof can be used with maximum efficiency, with both electricity and heat produced at the same time. This makes maximum use of the available space and is therefore the most efficient solution for using solar energy. Combined with heat pumps, PVT modules work very effectively to provide almost self-sufficient, 100 percent climate-neutral heat and electricity.

A PVT module consists of solar cells for converting solar energy into electricity and a heat exchanger for generating thermal energy.

The PVT modules from Sunmaxx use the highest quality and most efficient solar cells of the last generation and use exceptionally efficient and highly developed systems from the automotive industry for thermal management. Sunmaxx PVT is the only manufacturer in the world that can offer this unique combination. This is our competitive advantage with which we will revolutionize the electricity and heat market – climate-friendly, sustainable, and without greenwashing.

Developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE in Freiburg.


Hybrid solar panels combine the technology of PV and thermal panels to generate both heat and electricity at the same time. This is what you need to know before you choose our PVT system.


Systemic Advantage.

PVT modules capture sunlight and convert it into electricity just like a photovoltaic system does. In contrast to pure PV systems, however, PVT systems have a built-in “air conditioning system”: Heat exchangers on the back of the PVT module extract heat from the PVT unit and transfer it to a heating circuit. At the same time, the cooling of the solar cells further increases electricity yield.


Efficiency beyond limits.

Thanks to a technology that is already established in the automotive sector, the Sunmaxx PVT module offers a high-performance and cost-efficient solution for the transition towards renewable energy from which not only one industry benefits. Together with our partners, we stand for efficiency beyond limits and get the most out of ourselves and the sun!

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