Maximum use of sunlight and strongest performance with over 80 percent solar efficiency.
Our Sunmaxx PVT technology. Electricity and heat from a single source.

Engineered in Europe. Made for the world.

A key technology for the complete decarbonization of our world.

From simple residential buildings to complex industrial plants.

Ready for a 100 percent renewable future for everyone.

Efficiency beyond limits. Get the maximum out of the sun.

Sunmaxx develops, produces and sells innovative PVT systems (photovoltaic-thermal systems) that use the best possible available and sustainable energy source: solar energy. Together with our partners, we stand for efficiency beyond limits and get the most out of ourselves and the sun!


Automotive thermal management meets PV

Sunmaxx combines proven industrial know-how from the automotive industry with a revolutionary new solar design.

This innovative approach makes the Sunmaxx PVT module powerful and cost-efficient at the same time. Our technology is another step towards climate neutrality and compliance with the 1.5 degree target.


Engineering x Future

The Sunmaxx technology delivers electricity and heat at the same time. The most efficient form of solar energy use.

Maximum use of solar energy paired with high economic efficiency. For attractive returns.

Our technology:

Game changer for the energy transition

Our vision: The complete decarbonization of electricity and heat provision for residential areas, industrial areas and city districts through the use of sunlight with over 80 percent conversion efficiency.

Strong development of industry synergies

Thanks to a technology that is already established in the automotive sector, the Sunmaxx PVT module offers a powerful and cost-efficient solution for the transition towards renewable energies from which not only one industry benefits.

Ready for partnerships

Together with our partners, we create synergies in different industries and sectors to enable sustainable living and business.

Ahead of the competition

The Sunmaxx technology is significantly more efficient and cost-effective than PVT modules available today. In addition, compared to conventional PV modules, Sunmaxx not only supplies electricity but also heat: The perfect union of sectors on everyone's roof.

Our partners

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